2501 — Freelance Photographer and Visual Artist based in Hong Kong

Comfort Zones (Interactive)

Ceiling Installation

My project revolved around my childhood habit of constantly pressing my face up against glass windows. However, as I grew up, I finally put an end to my habit as I was constantly judged for the way I looked and how ridiculous it appeared to the rest of society. I came to realise, that though my habit is insignificant on it’s own, I bring many aspects of myself to a stop simply because I am afraid of how others look at me. In this project, I spent several days building my own plexiglass table, making a small makeshift tent around it to create a room that contained only me and my subject. I invited nine individuals to do as I did when I was child, and conversed with them about issues of their comfort zones and opinions on social vs. individual values, taking their photographs as they conversed with me.

DateAugust 2015 ForNYU Tisch Final Exhibition