2501 — Freelance Photographer and Visual Artist based in Hong Kong


The icon of the 21st century, the phone has an amazing ability to be with us at all times, to be our drug, and to hypnotize us to the point that we lose track of time. Within arms reach at all times, whether we need or not does not isn’t a factor in why we must have our phones with us at all times. Rather than merely just a means of communication, the phone is now a significant subject of attachment in our daily lives.
I was able to work with my models to take daily scenes in their life in which they would not traditionally need a mobile phone, but have mobiles present in the scene for no other reasons besides having it with them for the sake of having it there, illustrating the superfluous addiction we have to our phones. Utilizing expressionless facial features to convey how the phone has the ability to overpower even our most human aspects such as emotion, the blank and glaring white phone screens serve as a metaphorical mirror of lifelessness as well as emphasise the fact that in reality, there is really nothing important on our phone screens after all. In creating a piece that depicts the dependent relationship of humans on their mobiles in a satirical light, Detachment is a series that embodies the concept of the mobile phone transforming into a necessity rather than a tool.

DateJuly 2015 LightingDIY Gels, flashlights, and Phone Lighting ONLY