some food for thought!

I’ve compiled some pieces that have inspired me for this concentration!

  1. sculptural element
  2. soaking in different pH solutions
  3. photograph cutting
  4. cutting (juxtaposition)
  5. element of surrealism
  6. color


As someone with a mix heritage of both being half Chinese and Korean, after much thought, I’ve finally decided on what my concentration should be! The idea had originally stemmed from a project I was working on in my world history class on the Chinese influence on Korean art in the Post-Classical era.
My idea isn’t solid yet, but it will most definitely focus on the integration of both my heritages with some calligraphy as influenced by my grandfather, who does traditional Korean arts and calligraphy. (I will develop on this more throughout my work process!)

Medium: Multimedia
Digital photography, painting, cutting (T.B.C)
Photography styles: portraiture and landscape (Please refer to my last two posts for more information)


  • Cutting photographs, and overlaying on top of each other
  • projector photography
  • C-prints soaked in different pH solutions
  • calligraphy + painting on photographs
  • supergluing sculptural structures onto the photographs
  • (if possible) underwater photography

Shooting Dates: All dates are still yet to be confirmed according to the model’s schedule
November 28
November 29

Here are two pieces that will be present in my upcoming project which focuses on the Chinese influence on Korean arts! This is Korean calligraphy on a handmade clay plate, made by my grandfather, who does traditional Korean arts on his free time. He’s sent these over to me from Seoul and I’m still thinking of how I want to use this piece for my concentration!

Goals for Thursday:

New and upcoming project! – AP Studio Art Concentration
Theme: N/A
style: cutting photographs (semi-multimedia)
I will be focusing on this arrangement and style of cutting photographs and overlaying them on top of each other. Besides this, I also want to burn the edges and/or soak them in water to give it more texture.
Estimated time for one piece: 1 to 1.5 weeks

Tester project: AP World History; Chinese Influence On Korean Art (Due. End of semester 1)

Examples are shown above. The work posted on this log post are not mine by any means and belong to their respective artists.

Here is how my photos for my series “Comfort Zones” was displayed! Each picture was taped securely onto the the ceiling so that the audience would have to look up to see these pictures. I took these photos lying on the ground with my subjects placed on top of me on the plexiglass, and I displayed these pictures in such manner in order to preserve the view point from which I took these pictures.
(taken from the NYU Tisch Photo instagram)