Freelance Photographer and Visual Artist based in Hong Kong

writing with light

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Growing up in a family with parents who are both T.V. commercial directors, I grew up spending my days in the studio, watching from behind the scenes, admiring my parents as they took on a whole other persona behind the camera. But instead of simply telling a story in fifteen to thirty seconds, I was enticed by the challenge of telling a story in simply one frame, where my point of view means something different to others. The fact that a single photograph could represent so many different things and how oupen ended the interpretations to a single photograph are made me delve into a new realm of building my own world through the camera's viewfinder for an audience who's never seen it before, and nothing can get in my way of telling my own story - because after all, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Born in 1998, Ming is an aspiring artist grounded in photography, who has gained school wide recognition for her work as well as worked with various clients as a freelance photographer. She will be attending New York University Tisch School Of Arts in September 2016 to continue her pursuit of photography and visual arts.